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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay #3The next morning,Jay lay in bed,feeling lazy,not wanting to get up,he was
thinking of Wayne,his ass was still sore,but it felt good at the same time.
There was going to be great times ahead.Wayne had him to leave his window open on certain nights after that and
would sneak in his room and have sex with him half the night,Jay found
himself looking forward to his visits.
Wayne made him feel good inside,made him feel like his girl.His dad was having a hard time finding time to enjoy his young ass,his mom
all most caught him a couple of times,so there sex was getting to be less
and more in between.
Jay missed him,but it did give his hot little ass a rest.Jay was happy now,he lolita preteen underage torrent had some money in his pocket'it seem to give him a
sense of security.
He would buy himself a treat,then run down to the old warehouse near where
his dad worked and hide out and enjoy it.He had discovered some magazines his dad had hid and had went to his
hideout to enjoy them and jack off.
The pictures were of men doing all kinds of things,they stired his
insides,making his cock hard.He had removed his clothes and had lay on his pallet,looking at the
pics,stroking his dick,feeling his tight little ass hole quiver,when
someone grabbed him from behind.He had been so engrossed he forgot to check
the place out when he first arrived."Well now,what have we here,pretty face Jay all naked and playing with
himself,ain't that nice."
Jay could not see his face,but regonized the voice,it was Ned, a big ole
boy that worked with his dad."You like looking at mens dicks Jay,like seeing those guys take dick in
there mouth and ass?Bet you do that to don't you,yeah,word has got around
that your ole man is fucking you,you won't mind giving ole Ned a little now
will you."He said,and laughed.Ned finally removed his hand from Jays mouth,letting him breath,then turned
him around.
Ned stood up and removed his clothes,he was a big man like Wayne and his
dad,big,but no fat,just solid.
He was far from being good looking,what really caught Jays eyes was his
cock lolita gentle angels portal
beginning to grow,not as big around as Waynes,but as long.Ned lay down on the pallet as he pulled Jay to him.
"Come here pretty boy,lets feel those sweet lips."He said,as he pressed his
own against Jays,frenching him,his hands feeling the cheeks of his
soft,rounded ass.Men seemed to go for Jays ass,like it was really special."Damm boy,you kiss better than my girl,know that?"Ned said laughing.
"Here,lets see how those lips feel around my dick."Ned cupped the back of
Jays head,forcing it down towards his cock.
Now,funny as it made seem,Jay had not sucked a dick but once,although he
enjoyed it,Wayne and his dad usually just wanted to fuck him."Come on boy,get down on that thing,show me how good you are."Ned said.
Jay never knew really how to start,but licked the head of Neds dick,tasting
his pre cum,he liked that taste,then took the knob in his mouth sucking on
it."Thats good boy,but take it all damm it,get all that cock in your
mouth."Ned ordered.
Jay went down oNed dick all the way and gagged a few times before being
able to get his movemnets right,bobbing up and down."Now you goy it Jay boy,yeah,suck ole Neds cock."
Jay remembered the pics where one guy was sucking the others cock and
playing with his balls at the same time,so he began to massage Neds.
"Oh yeah,now that feels good,suck on my balls to.
He said.Taking his mouth from Neds dick,he let it slap back against Neds belly.as
he went to sucking his balls in his mouth.
"Easy boy,them damm things are tender."Ned said.
Jay found he enjoyed sucking cock and balls,he planed to suck Waynes the
next time they had sex."Ok boy,thats enough,now lets see that ass of yours."
Ned turned him,placing him on his knees,he treied to relax,expecting Ned to
ram his cock up his young ass,but instead,felt his wet tongue slip between
the cheeks of his ass,finding his puckered lolita preteen underage torrent hole and licking up and down
over it.Jay liked this,it really turned him on,as Ned worked his tongue inside his
warm little ass hole.
"Uuummm,slurp,gulp,suck,smack ,slurp"
Ned was really going after his ass,Jay thought for a minute he would try
taking a bite of it."Ah shit boy,thats fine tasting ass,just made for eating Jay boy."Ned
said,in between slurps.
The Ned pulled away,got on his knees and Jay saw him spit in his hands a
few times,then rubbed his cock and worked some up Jays ass.Jay knew enough now nude asian lolita models to relax his ass muscles,in fact he could relax his
whole body before the cock stretched him open.
Ned found Jays rose bud and pressed forward,stretching him open wide as his
cock slid all the way lolita preteen underage torrent in one shove.Jay griited his teeth as the cock hit botoom,then strained as though taking
a shit and felt the head move in deeper.
"Damm boy,I can't believe you took my whole cock,Teena even has trouble
with that."Her mamma Colleen can take it like that though.He
said,laughing.Ned was holding Jays hips tight as he started hunching in and out of his
Then he stood up,picking Jay up with him,carring him around as he pumped in
and out.
Jay was so small,these big guys could do that with little effort.Jay could feel Ned speeding up and knew his load was about to fill his
ass,then Neds whole body shook as he cried out,his cream spurting from his
"Oh shit Jay baby,your one hot piece of ass,better than any pussy ole Ned
ever had,"He said,panting,as he held Jay pinned to his cock.When his cock cmae out it made a popping sound,then Ned was lifting him
higher,hi mouth pressing between Jays cum cover ass,sucking hard,swallowing
his cum as it left Jays fresh fucked ass.
After he had it all,Ned licked Jays ass clean before laying him down.As Ned dressed he said,"You like that boy,did ole Ned do ya good?"
"Yeah Ned,I liked it a lot and you done great."Jay said.
"Good,because your gonna get a lot of dick boy,you might as well get
ready,I'm passing the word to a few of the guys at work."He said.It kind of worried Jay,but he said,"Ok Ned,I'd like that,did I satsify
"Satisfy?Hell boy,you done any better and I couldn't have stood it,yeah,you
made ole Ned feel good all over."
Before leaving,he stuffed some bills in Jays pocket,kissed him and waved
bye.Jay was to get some mopre big cocks here in this place before long,but he
would enjoy every one of them............rimmer72450hotmail.com
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